Who is favourite to win the 2019 PFA Player of the Year award?

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Who is favourite to win the 2019 PFA Player of the Year award?

Jordan Henderson is favourite to win PFA Player of the Year at odds of 11/8, with the Liverpool captain having been the midfield driving force for his side this season.

Although not the flashiest of players, the midfielder represents a vital cog in the Liverpool machine that is marching towards a maiden Premier League title in some style.

One of Liverpool’s fearsome front three, Sadio Mane is 3/1 to claim the award for the first time after scoring 11 goals and adding a further six assists as of the start of February.

The Senegal attacker has contributed a host of significant goals this season including winners against Aston Villa and Wolves, as well as winning an injury-time penalty against Leicester in October.

No player since Cristiano Ronaldo in 2008 has retained the award but Van Dijk is 6/1 to do exactly that and join a select club of players to have lifted it twice.

The Reds have kept 11 clean sheets with him at the back heading into the winter break, two more than any other team have managed, with seven of those coming in a row across December and January to affirm Van Dijk’s status as the best centre-back in the league.

Also at 6/1 is Kevin De Bruyne. Since his debut in September 2015, no one in the Premier League has recorded more assists than the 60 the Manchester City playmaker has managed as of February 7 and Thierry Henry’s record of 20 in a single season looks to be in jeopardy.

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