FIBA: Captain Kiefer not alone in leading Gilas Pilipinas

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FIBA: Captain Kiefer not alone in leading Gilas Pilipinas

Kiefer Ravena has been given numerous titles before, but his latest one could be up there in terms of responsibility.

To start the 2021 FIBA Asia Cup qualifiers, Kiefer has been named national team captain out of 24 players available to the current Gilas pool.

With less than two weeks before Gilas starts pool play, that's some pressure right there for Ravena.

He is up for it.

"It's another challenge for me how to try to make these stars work together in a span of 10 days," Kiefer said.

Despite being named captain though, Kiefer doesn't plan to shoulder the load by his lonesome.

Gilas' 24-man team has some savvy veterans with vast international presence and Ravena is ready to utilize all of that at his disposal.

"May pressure but hindi ko inaako ang lahat. Humihingi rin ako ng tulong from the PBA guys, especially kay Kuya Ping [Marc Pingris]," Kiefer said

"Nandyan din sila Troy [Rosario], RR [Pogoy], CJ [Perez], kaming apat na nag World Cup, kahit paano alam namin kung ano yung highest level of international basketball so tulungan lang," Ravena added.

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